Still one of the most vital, popular and socially-relevant artists in Brazil, Criolo returns with an outstanding samba album.

“Who am I to make a samba album?” Of course I’m Brazilian, and if I like samba and if I do it respectfully, there is no problem at all. At the same time, I had to feel that it was the right time within me to be able to do this properly. Because it’s very serious and very strong, you know. Music is very strong and samba is something very special for us, for all our people, for our city, for my family.”

Espiral De Ilusão may mark quite a musical departure from previous releases but Criolo's lyrical bite remains intact. On Menino Mimado Criolo sings “Meninos mimados não podem reger a nação” (Spoilt boys can’t rule the nation).

Samba albums this good do not come around often.

'seamless samba with conscious lyrics' ★★★★ (Guardian)