Minimal richness and deeply spirited noir jazz with an electronic twist! One way to describe the extraordinary and original sound of Aleksi Myllykoski on his novel album Dark Days. His sophomore full-length release will be published on his new label Signature Dark.

Dark Days is at the same time a very intimate and equally universal musical experience reflecting Aleksi’s personal struggles but also the current state and challenges of our world in the times of global epidemic, climate change and societal distress. However, there’s still beauty and rational reasoning to be found during the fascinating trip!

Aleksi Myllykoski is far from a rookie in the industry with an earlier EP and debut album (released with the alias Inverse Ensemble) under his belt until this. He has been actively involved for years and lately live on stage with the legendary Finnish electro jazz group RinneRadio and their innovative saxophonist and clarinetist Tapani Rinne.

Since 1996 DJ A. Myllykoski has played as professional deejay both organic groovy sets as well as eclectic electronic music according to the current event and audience. He is the household name on many of the most chic nightspots of Helsinki and has entertained listeners on numerous festivals.

As a sound design specialist Aleksi has created the musical profile for many Helsinki nightspots as well as composed the soundtracks for two full-length documentary films Cold Rock (Kylmää kiveä) and The Lappnor Project, which he produced himself. His cultural production and management experience includes also several club event series, Funky Elephant and Kuudes Aisti music festivals, and the film festival Kallio Noir Film Festival, which he founded in 2017.