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Visions of hospitality and tourism business
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This book enables readers to understand the changes in the operational environment of the hospitality industry at large. The articles in this book describe customer and consumption behaviour, discuss new services as well as consumption and travel trends, and provide insights into the development and management of business competences and know-how.
The material depicts the future of the hospitality industry as an increasingly versatile and diverse field and casts light on its characteristics and changing competence requirements. One has to understand the rules and principles of sales and customer service in order to develop sales results and business.
This opus explicates the captivating nature of the field. How do new concepts take hold and how new entrepreneurship is born. The hospitality industry requires passion, courage, and innovativeness. Jobs and tasks are constantly changing and intellectually rewarding.
This book reaffirms confidence in the continuity of service production and person-to-person service tasks, no matter the degree of technological advancement. Customers demand skilled helping hands, smiles, and true hospitality in a world that increasingly relies on self service. Further, running a successful hospitality business requires skilful and proficient leadership.

This is a printed publication in english.
This is the Reading Package for the Entrance Examination for Haaga-Helia's Degree Programmes in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management 2015 at Haaga and Porvoo Campuses.

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