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The World
Tekijä: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Kustantaja: Orion Publishing Group (2022)
Saatavuus: 27.10.2022
EUR   33,00
Rise and Fall
Tekijä: Paul Strathern
Kustantaja: Hodder And Stoughton Ltd. (2020)
Saatavuus: Noin 9-12 arkipäivää
EUR   11,50
The King's Mirror (Speculum Regale-Konungs Skuggsjá) Translated From the Old Norwegian by Laurence Marcellus Larson
Tekijä: Laurence Marcellus Larson
Kustantaja: WENTWORTH PR (2016)
Saatavuus: Noin 9-12 arkipäivää
EUR   38,00
Kulturkontakt im Frühmittelalter
Tekijä: Philipp Meller
Kustantaja: Gruyter, Walter de GmbH (2021)
Saatavuus: Noin 5-8 arkipäivää
EUR   117,10
50 codes that changed the world
Tekijä: Sinclair McKay
Kustantaja: Headline Publishing Group (2022)
Saatavuus: 13.10.2022
EUR   22,40
Osteopathy: The New Science of Healing
Tekijä: Elmer De Vergne Barber
Kustantaja: Nabu Press (2010)
Saatavuus: Ei tiedossa
EUR   58,80
Hyperborea: Or, The Pilgrims of the Pole
Tekijä: Benjamin Groff - From Herre
Kustantaja: CHIZINE PUBN (2017)
Saatavuus: Noin 9-12 arkipäivää
EUR   16,00
Big Game Hunting in Africa and Other Lands; the Appearance, Habits, Traits of Character and Every Detail of Wild Animal Life ..
Tekijä: Axel Lundeberg
Kustantaja: WENTWORTH PR (2016)
Saatavuus: Noin 9-12 arkipäivää
EUR   56,10
Contesting Nordicness
Tekijä: Jani Marjanen; Johan Strang; Mary Hilson
Kustantaja: de Gruyter Oldenbourg (2022)
Saatavuus: Noin 9-12 arkipäivää
EUR   131,40
The New Silk Roads
Tekijä: Peter Frankopan
Kustantaja: Bloomsbury UK (2019)
Saatavuus: Noin 9-12 arkipäivää
EUR   13,80
The World
33,00 €
1344 sivua
Kovakantinen kirja
2022, 27.10.2022 (lisätietoa)
From the master storyteller and internationally bestselling author - the story of humanity from prehistory to the present day, told through the one thing all humans have in common: family.

We begin with the footsteps of a family walking along a beach 950,000 years ago. From here, Montefiore takes us on an exhilarating epic journey through the families that have shaped our world: the Caesars, Medicis and Incas, Ottomans and Mughals, Bonapartes, Habsburgs and Zulus, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Krupps, Churchills, Kennedys, Castros, Nehrus, Pahlavis and Kenyattas, Saudis, Kims and Assads.

A rich cast of complex characters form the beating heart of the story. Some are well-known leaders, from Alexander the Great, Attila, Ivan the Terrible and Genghis Khan to Hitler, Thatcher, Obama, Putin and Zelensky. Some are creative, from Socrates, Michelangelo and Shakespeare to Newton, Mozart, Balzac, Freud, Bowie and Tim Berners-Lee.

Others are lesser-known: Hongwu, who began life as a beggar and founded the Ming dynasty; Kamehameha, conqueror of Hawaii; Zenobia, Arab empress who defied Rome; King Henry of Haiti; Lady Murasaki, first female novelist; Sayyida al-Hurra, Moroccan pirate-queen. Here are not just conquerors and queens but prophets, charlatans, actors, gangsters, artists, scientists, doctors, tycoons, lovers, wives, husbands and children.
This is world history on the most grand and intimate scale - spanning centuries, continents and cultures, and linking grand themes of war, migration, plague, religion, medicine and technology to the people at the centre of the human drama.

As spellbinding as fiction, The World captures the story of humankind in all its joy, sorrow, romance, ingenuity and cruelty in a ground-breaking, single narrative that will forever shift the boundaries of what history can achieve.

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