Lee Brilleaux - Rock 'N' Roll (4cd)
Tekijä: Dr. Feelgood
Julkaisija: Warner Music Finland Oy (2017)
Saatavuus: Noin 6-9 arkipäivää
EUR   27,80

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4 sivua
2017, 07.07.2017


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Arvioimme, että tuote lähetetään meiltä noin 6-9 arkipäivässä (03.11-06.11.2020).
Lee Brilleaux - Rock 'N' Roll (4cd)zoom

27.80€ (Alv 24%) 22.42€ (Alv 0%)

The material in this 4CD set covers the Dr Feelgood frontman, Lee Brilleaux’s 20 years with the band from 1974 to his early death in 1994. Including his early recordings with Wilko Johnson, through the second line-up with Gypie Mayo and then through the 1980s and 90s to his last live album ‘Down At The Doctors’.

Levy 1

1. Cheque Book
2. I Don't Mind
3. All Through the City
4. She Does It Right
5. Roxette
6. Keep It Out of Sight
7. I Can Tell
8. Rolling and Tumbling
9. Watch Your Step
10. Riot in Cell Block Number Nine
11. Stupidity (Live)
12. Going Back Home (Live)
13. Back in the Night (cd)
14. I'm a Hog for You Baby (Live)
15. Checkin' Up on My Baby (Live)
16. Walking the Dog (Live)
17. Johnny B. Goode (Live)
18. Sneakin' Suspicion
19. Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)
20. Lights Out
21. Lucky Seven
22. Everybody's Carrying a Gun (Olympic Version)
23. Baby Jane
24. I Thought I Had It Made

Levy 2

1. She's a Windup
2. The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock 'n' Roll (#2)
3. Looking Back
4. Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)
5. Take a Tip
6. Down at the Doctors
7. Milk and Alcohol
8. Let's Have a Party (Early Version) (Previously Unreleased)
9. As Long As the Price Is Right (Second Version)
10. Matchbox (Live)
11. My Buddy Buddy Friends (Live)
12. The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock 'n' Roll (#2) (Live)
13. Lights Out (Live)
14. Put Him Out of Your Mind
15. Hong Kong Money
16. Shotgun
17. Riding on the L & N
18. Feels Good
19. Jumping from Love to Love
20. Best in the World
21. Drives Me Wild
22. No Mo Do Yakamo
23. King for a Day
24. Violent Love

Levy 3

1. Pretty Face (Live)
2. Waiting for Saturday Night
3. Crazy About Girls
4. She's the One
5. Monkey
6. Trying to Live My Life Without You
7. Sugar Bowl
8. Hit Git and Split
9. You Don't Love Me
10. Neighbour, Neighbour
11. Close but No Cigar
12. I Don't Worry About a Thing
13. I Can't be Satisfied
14. Dimples
15. Dust My Broom
16. Tore Down
17. Mad Man Blues
18. My Babe
19. Rock Me Baby
20. I Love You, So You're Mine
21. You've Got My Number
22. Grow Too Old
23. Don't Wait Up
24. Come Over Here
25. See You Later Alligator

Levy 4

1. Hunting, Shooting, Fishing
2. Heartbeat
3. Hurricane
4. Quit While You’re Behind
5. Nothing Like It
6. Let’s Have a Party
7. (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 (Live)
8. Heart of the City
9. My Sugar Turns to Alcohol
10. World in a Jug
11. Standing at the Crossroads Again
12. Down by the Jetty Blues
13. Poison Ivy (Previously Unreleased)
14. Wolfman Calling
15. One Step Forward
16. Tanqueray
17. Styrofoam
18. She Moves Me
19. If My Baby Quits Me (Live)
20. Roadrunner (Live)

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