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Proactive Law – Insights to theory and practice
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This textbook is a compilation of three research articles related to proactive law, containing both theoretical ideas and practical applications.

The articles focus on the role of law in society. The compilation aims at bringing the lawmakers and the users of laws closer to each other by demonstrating how self- and private regulation works in the business world. Proactive law is about enabling and empowering; by utilizing self-, private and co-regulation the makers of laws empower and motivate the users to take responsibility of their actions. The examples found in the book reflect food, forestry, apparel and chemistry industries as well as retail business.

The book is aimed at institutions of higher education, business managers and lawmaking authorities. Students learn about the roles of different rules in global business and global value chain management. Business managers find out how standards and private regulation are used proactively as a management tool, while lawmakers themselves discover alternatives to regulation.

Dr. Kaisa Sorsa, D.Sc.(Bus.Adm.), LL.M., has published several articles about proactive management, proactive contracting and proactive law. Her ongoing research projects on the field of ‘law as a source of competitive advantage’ highlight the importance of combining business and legal knowledge in managing business and global value chains. She works as a Principal lecturer in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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