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The Responsible Investor - An Introductory Guide to Responsible Investment
132,80 €
Taylor & Francis Ltd
Sivumäärä: 184 sivua
Asu: Kovakantinen kirja
Julkaisuvuosi: 2022, 31.10.2022 (lisätietoa)
Kieli: Englanti
The Responsible Investor is a practical introductory guide for private as well as institutional investors and financiers interested in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

The authors have academia, advisory, asset management, asset owner and central bank backgrounds, bringing diverse perspectives and extensive senior-level experience in implementing Responsible Investment across different types of portfolios. Together, they have distilled what can seem a complex area into a clear guide to the topic, accessible to readers who don’t necessarily have prior in-depth knowledge in the field of Responsible Investment but are interested to know more. The book presents the development of Responsible Investment, its different approaches and the drivers of Responsible Investment, as well as the implementation opportunities in different asset classes. The book introduces Responsible Investment trends that investors can take into consideration in their investment decisions. In addition, the book covers ESG data and assessment, impact and reporting for Responsible Investments.

This book suits both rookies and veterans – be they private investors, managers of investment funds or institutional investors or financiers. It is also valuable reading for students in finance, Responsible Investment and corporate social responsibility as an accessible overview of the topic.

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The Responsible Investor - An Introductory Guide to Responsible Investmentzoom
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