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Business Ethics
Tekijä: Andrew Crane; Dirk Matten; Sarah Glozer; Laura Spence
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press (2019)
Saatavuus: Noin 3-6 arkipäivää
EUR   63,30
New Headway: Pre-Intermediate A2 - B1: Student's Book and iTutor Pack - The world's most trusted English course
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press (2012)
Saatavuus: Noin 7-10 arkipäivää
EUR   54,60
Inorganic Chemistry
Tekijä: Mark Weller; Tina Overton; Jonathan Rourke; Fraser Armstrong
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press (2018)
Saatavuus: Noin 3-6 arkipäivää
EUR   72,80
Interplay - The Process of Interpersonal Communication
Tekijä: Ronald B. Adler; Lawrence B. Rosenfeld; Russell F. Proctor II
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press Inc (2018)
Saatavuus: Noin 6-9 arkipäivää
EUR   132,80
Addiction Medicine
Tekijä: John B. Saunders; Katherine M. Conigrave; Noeline C. Latt; David J. Nutt; E. Jane Marshall; Walter Ling; Susumu Higuchi
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press (2016)
Saatavuus: Noin 7-10 arkipäivää
EUR   59,00
Inclusive education - An African perspective
Tekijä: Nareadi Phasha; Janet Condy; Daniel Lloyd; Muzwa Mukwambo; Obert Maguvhe; Joseph Tchatchoueng; Jacomina M. C. Motitswe
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press Southern Africa (2014)
Saatavuus: Selvityksessä
EUR   45,40
Oxford American Handbook of Disaster Medicine
Tekijä: Robert A. Partridge; Lawrence Proano; David Marcozzi; Alexander G. Garza; Ira Nemeth; Kathryn Brinsfield; Eric Weinstein
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press Inc (2012)
Saatavuus: Noin 7-10 arkipäivää
EUR   51,70
Clinical Trials in Cancer - Principles and Practice
Tekijä: David J Girling; Mahesh K B Parmar; Sally P Stenning; Richard J Stephens; Lesley A Stewart
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press (2003)
Saatavuus: 1-3 viikkoa
EUR   169,70
Oxford American Handbook of Infectious Diseases
Tekijä: Aimee Zaas; Deverick J. Anderson; Kimberly E. Hanson; Elizabeth S. Dodds Ashley; Estee Torok; Ed Moran; Fiona J. Cooke
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press Inc (2011)
Saatavuus: Noin 7-10 arkipäivää
EUR   51,20
Species Conservation and Management: Case Studies: CD-ROM included
Tekijä: "Ak,cakaya, H. Re,sit; Mark A. Burgman; Oskar Kindvall; Chris C. Wood; Per Sj""ogren-Gulve; Jeff S. Hatfield; Mic McCarthy
Kustantaja: Oxford University Press (OUP) (2004)
Saatavuus: Ei tiedossa
EUR   84,20


Pehmeäkantinen kirja
5th Revised edition
2019, 01.06.2019 (lisätietoa)


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Arvioimme, että tuote lähetetään meiltä noin 3-6 arkipäivässä (09.12-14.12.2020). Tilaa tuote jouluksi viimeistään 10.12.2020
Business Ethicszoom

63.30€ (Alv 10%) 57.55€ (Alv 0%)

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How can you be an ethical corporate citizen in an increasingly complex, multiple-stakeholder world? This is the most pressing question facing businesses today, small and large, local and global. Business Ethics is a thorough yet accessible exploration of the main ethical theories and how these apply to the major stakeholders facing this question.

Written from a truly international perspective and supported by diverse and innovative learning features, this book provides the tools and concepts necessary to understand and effectively manage ethical challenges wherever you are in the world. 'Key Concepts' and 'Think Theory' boxes ensure the essential ideas are straightforward to grasp but don't go unchallenged, while 'Ethics in Action' boxes and Case Studies illustrate these ideas at play in the working world. Step into the shoes of a
decision-maker with 'Ethical Dilemma' boxes and hear from them first hand with new 'Practitioner Spotlight' boxes, which feature fascinating insights from real-life practitioners on how they manage ethical decisions and what skills they consider to be crucial to success.

The fifth edition offers a wealth of new cases and examples as well as updates of favourites from previous editions, including features on AirBnB, TOMS, and McDonalds. Bespoke video interviews with the practitioners from the book and new multiple-choice questions enhance the online resources for students, while workshop and flipped classroom activity ideas support lecturers. In addition, content has been thoroughly updated across the book and online to reflect the latest developments and issues
surrounding corporate citizenship, globalization, and sustainability.

The book is supported by an extensive range of online resources:

For students:
Practitioner Spotlight videos and web links
Additional Case Study web links
Additional Ethics in Action web links
Addition Ethics on Screen web links
Think Theory responses
Film list
Ethics career guide
Further reading
Multiple-choice questions

For lecturers:
VLE content
PowerPoint slides
Test bank
Case bank
Sample course outline
Teaching notes for Case Studies
Teaching notes for Ethical Dilemmas
Teaching notes for Ethics in Action features
Teaching notes for Ethics on Screen features
Ideas for structured workshops

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